Japanese-European Symposium on Symplectic Varieties and Moduli Spaces

Local information

The conference will be held in the conference hall of the Bellavista Relax Hotel in Levico Terme (close to Trento).

The Bellavista Relax Hotel's address is:
Via Vittorio Emanuele III, n. 7 in Levico Terme, Italy
Its location is marked with n. 1 on the map below.

Further information on the hotel can be found at:
Phone +39-0461-706136
Fax +39-0461-706474.

Map of Levico

How to reach Trento

The nearest airport is in Verona (90 km). Other possible airports are in Milan (213 km), Venice (153 km), Bergamo (180 km) and Munich (330 km). The smaller airports of Brescia (135 km) and Treviso (140 km) are serviced by low costs airlines and offer flights to London Stansted (UK), Frankfurt-Hahn (D), Girona (E) and Charleroi (B).

Verona (Valerio Catullo Airport) is only one hour from Trento, with a convenient bus and train service. To take the train, first use a bus from the airport to Verona Porta Nuova Railway Station (it takes 15 minutes and there is about one every 20 minutes from 6:10 am to 23:10 pm). The train trip from Verona to Trento lasts one hour.

Entering Italy through Milan, you land either at Malpensa or at Linate Airport. From either airports, you can catch a bus or a taxi to reach Milan Central Railway Station: you find both at the airport exit. Buses leave roughly every 20 minutes. Trains from Milan to Trento are relatively frequent and take about 3 hours.

The Venice Airport (Marco Polo) is connected to the nearby railway stations of Venezia-S. Lucia and Venezia-Mestre by scheduled bus services and by motorboats. Details can be found on the airport web site. From Venice railway station you can reach Trento via Verona or go directly to Levico Terme via the Valsugana railway line.

Information on the train connection can be found at http://www.trenitalia.com.

How to reach Levico Terme from Trento

Levico Terme is located about 20 km from Trento along the Valsugana road (Strada Statale SS n. 47) that connects Trento to Padova and Venice. You can reach Levico Terme from Trento by train, by bus, or by taxi. There is also be a shuttle bus available.


The train ride from Trento railway station to Levico Terme takes about 50 minutes. A ticket in 2nd class costs 2,60 Euro. You can check the train schedule at http://www.trenitalia.com.

Note: If you are starting at Venice, you can reach Levico Terme without going through Trento. Take the bus service to railway station in Mestre, and trains from there to Levico Terme via the Valsugana line. The journey lasts about 2 hours and a half. You can check the train schedule at http://www.trenitalia.com. Alternatively, you can travel via Verona and Trento.


There are local busses going from Trento to Levico Terme (with destination Borgo). The coach station is at about 50 meters on the right side from Trento railway station. The bus ride takes about 50 minutes. A ticket costs 2,60 Euro. The busses leave Trento station at the following times:

Monday - Friday: 7:05, 8:05, 8:35, 9:05, 10:05, 11:05, 11:35, 12:05, 13:05, 13:35, 14:05, 15:05, 16:05, 16:35, 17:05, 17:35, 18:05, 19:05, 20:05, 21:35.
Saturday: 7:05, 8:05, 9:05, 10:05, 11:05, 12:05, 13:05, 13:35, 14:05, 15:05, 16:05, 17:05, 18:05, 19:05, 20:05, 21:35.
Sunday: 7:05, 8:05, 9:05, 11:05, 13:05, 15:05, 16:05, 17:05, 18:05, 19:05, 20:05, 21:35.

Alternatively, you could consult the website of the local bus company (which is in Italian for the most part).

Shuttle Bus

On Sunday, September 17th at 20:45h there will be a shuttle bus (with 19 seats) from Trento to Levico Terme. Please let us know in advance if you are interested in taking it, and send an email to micheletti@fbk.eu.


The taxi fare Trento-Levico Terme is about 40,00 Euro.

Arriving in Levico Terme by car

Free afternoon

There are three options for the free afternoon: